Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Who Said Skulls Can't Be Trendy?

Can you believe these skulls and love birds can be used as wedding cake toppers?  What a unique idea I love the funky colours and that they have sparkly bling on them.  I can't decide which is my favourite.  I like that if you have them as a wedding/cake topper you can keep them after the wedding and use them as salt & pepper shakers or just have them on display in the home.

I think I would have to have one of each.  Imagine a collection of them in your home they would make a great conversation starter.

So here we have some skulls

and the love birds

You can find out more about these over at Sweetie Cake Topper 


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  1. Oh gosh, theose skulls are brilliant. What a good idea to make them into salt/pepper shakers (if they are big enough) Wonder if inside my head looks like haha


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